Commercial Services

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Commercial Services

Here are the main Commercial Services that we offer. If you don’t see what you are looking for please call us, we are happy to customize a service to fit your needs.
Replacing carpet unnecessarily costs you money in new carpet, new pad, and installation costs. In addition, revenue is lost from vacancy during restoration. Unless your job is large or unusually difficult, our process can be done in less than a day, saving you 60-80% in carpet costs alone.  All with Zero Impact!

ColorClean™ Service

color clean after  color clean after

ColorClean™is a cleaning service where we will add a small amount of dye to the cleaning solution.  This dye will add back the 2-3% of color that is lost every year due to fading. Making this the perfect solution for carpets in good condition but faded, lightly stained or simply ugly.  However, this is not meant to be a restorative clean, but simply an annual maintenance clean to keep your carpet looking like the day it was installed. Learn More About Color Clean!

Full Room Dyeing/ Complete Color Change Service

color change service before  color change service after

Full room dyeing Service is for carpets that could be given new life from a new color. By changing your high maintenance, light colored carpet to a deeper beige or to the trendier color grey, you increase your ability to rent to a more discerning tenant without breaking the bank. Zero Impact! Learn More About Custom Carpet Colors!

Carpet Side Seam Matching

color side seam match service

Tenant scheduled to move in tomorrow and the newly installed carpet has a color blend issue and doesn’t match the rest of the carpet? Don’t worry! We can come in and by using our dyes, we can blend it out so your tenant can move in, on schedule. By dyeing the carpet, this will save you the hassle of removing the carpet, ordering its replacement, and waiting to reinstall. It will also save you the cost of additional labor installation and disposal fees. As well as loss income on vacancy during restoration. And let’s not forget the half of head of hair you will pull out during that time. Call us now as our dyeing is both convenient and stress free! Zero Impact!

Stain and Bleach Spot Repair

bleach spot before  bleach spot after

Photographer due to come in for a photo shoot or tenant due to move in and you just discovered a stain or bleach spot? No Sweat! We can come in a get rid of that ugly eye sore. Now you can proceed with no stress and no change to your schedule. Our state of art ColorCue app allows us to custom match the color of any dye able carpet with Zero Impact! Learn More!

Pet Urine

pet urine after  pet urine before

Pet Urine can cause a lot of damage to your carpet. Urine goes on Hot so it penetrates thoroughly and deeply. It also goes on as an acid. Over time it turns into an alkaline salt. Ironically it is in this form that it does the most damage. Alkalinity is very harmful to your carpet and over time can lead to discoloration. It is the reason why in the spring or on wet days you smell the odor more. The salts absorb the moisture and it wicks back up into the carpet. You must first eliminate the source of the odor by thoroughly cleaning both the carpet and replacing the pad you can then take care of the spot. We can use our state of art ColorCue app to allow us to custom match the color of any dye able carpet with Zero Impact! Learn More!

Stain Removal

stain before  stain after

Our Techs can remove tough stains like mustard, turmeric, coffee and blood. Once the tech has removed the stain, the tech will use dye to restore the carpet to its original color. Other companies are hesitant to be too aggressive in removing these tough stains because often times it will leave the area around the stain lightened and they do not have the ability to restore the color.* We do not have this problem. We can take care of the stain and the restoration, all with Zero Impact! Learn More!

*Disclaimer:  some stains cannot be removed completely no matter how aggressive you are and some spots are more difficult to dye perfectly.  We will discuss any issues we anticipate before beginning treatment.

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