Full Carpet Color Change

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  Full Carpet Color Change

Do you love your home but hate the color of your carpet? We can help you completely change the color of your carpet using custom carpet colors. What is more, we can do so at 60-80% cheaper than replacing the carpet!

The Process

How? FullSpectrum dye specialists start by working with you to find the perfect carpet colors or color that fit your tastes and needs. Once a color is determined, the specialist creates a custom dye and applies it to a small piece of carpet from your closet or under a heater vent to get your approval before proceeding. You must be home to give this approval cameras no matter how good are not good representatives of color. Lighting and camera’s helpful features to ‘correct’ these lighting conditions can alter the color significantly.

Once  you have given your approval, all furniture is removed from the room. We can provide furniture moving and wall prep if needed and we will discuss this at the time of the estimate. Once the room is cleared the specialist applies it to your carpet using commercial appliances to make sure the dye is distributed evenly and excess dye is then removed from the carpet. The dyes colorfast immediately, allowing you to walk on the carpets immediately when they dry. When the process is finished, you will have completely different colored carpet.


Our custom carpet colors serve to transform your entire space and leave the carpet looking modern and fresh.

The above pictures show the power of full carpet color changes. You are only a few hours away from completely transforming a home or a room!

What Carpet Colors Can I Choose From?

Custom carpet colors are only limited by tone. We cannot dye lighter – only darker. Still, this limitation does not prevent the mixing of millions of different custom shades and colors for your carpet!

Additionally, contrary to popular belief, darker colored carpets do not make the room look smaller. But they do cover up dirt and stains better, mask wear better and highlight your furnishings better.

How long does the process take?

Depending on the size of home or room, anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day. Once the color formula is agreed upon you are free to go about your day to day business.

Whether you are a business or a home, a new carpet color can help to make a strong impact on guests or customers. Join the hundreds of others that have saved thousands by dyeing instead of replacing their carpet.  Call today!

More information about our dyes and dyeing process can be found here!

Why buy when you can dye?

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