Residential Services

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Residential Services

Here are the main Residential Services that we offer. If you don’t see what you are looking for please call us, we are happy to customize a service to fit your needs.
Replacing carpet unnecessarily costs you money in new carpet, new pad, and installation costs. In addition, revenue is lost from vacancy during restoration. Unless your job is large or unusually difficult, our process can be done in less than a day, saving you 60-80% in carpet costs alone.  All with Zero Impact!

Bleach Spot Repair

bleach spot repair

Ugly bleached out/color loss spots can occur from many household items. While bleach is the most common culprit, toilet bowl cleaners, acne medicine, carpet spotters, pesticides and products that contain oxi in the name, all can cause discoloration to your carpet. There is no other method, with the exception of replacing/patching your carpet to fix color loss. We use our state of art ColorCue app to allow us to custom match the color of any dye able carpet with Zero Impact!

Learn more about our bleach spot repair service here!

Learn more about bleach spots and stains here!


carpet tinting before  carpet tinting after

Every year carpets lose approximately 2-3% of their original color to sun fade no matter how well you take care of them. Areas in direct sunlight can lose considerably more.  We restore the 2-3% of color that is lost annually with our ColorClean™ Process and our high quality dyes, while cleaning your carpet at the same time. This is not meant to be a restorative clean but an annual maintenance clean to keep your carpet looking like the day it was installed. Zero Impact! Learn more!

Full Room Dyeing/ Complete Color Change

outdated color change before  out dated color change after

Do you love your home but hate the color of your carpet? While we cannot make a darker colored carpet lighter, we can change it to a completely different color. This allows you to customize the colors to match your décor. All with Zero Impact! Learn more!

Stain Removal

hotel carpet before  hotel carpet after

Tough stains like mustard, turmeric, coffee and blood can all be removed and the carpet restored to its original beauty. Other companies are hesitant to be too aggressive in removing these tough stains because often times it will leave the area around the stain lightened and they do not have the ability to restore the color. We do not have this problem. We can take care of the stain and the restoration, all with Zero Impact! Learn more!

Rug Restoration

rug before  rug after

Many rugs can be very susceptible to lightening and discoloration from harsh chemicals, aggressive carpet cleaners or pet urine/vomit. Once this discoloration occurs your only choice to restore the original beauty is by dyeing the rug. Using our exclusive app called the ColorCue along with our state of the art customized airbrush, we will create a custom color to match your rug and replace the missing colors. In more intricate areas we will use a syringe or brushes to ensure a perfect application. We restore rugs off site because they take considerably longer to restore. Rugs can be shipped to our location from all over the world. Learn more!

Custom Rug Design

logo before  logo after

We can add borders, logos or any design we can create a stencil for to your rug or carpet.  Change the color, change the look, make it unique.  This was a rug custom designed for a Judo Studio.


Photos courtesy of Colorful Carpets
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